July 17th 1961 - April 19th 2010

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  1. 3050
    Mauro Pilo Maiocco

    GURU for ever!!!
    Live November 1993

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  2. 3049
    Amandla Xoki

    Through your music you still livin with us. We will never forget you. R.I.P. from South Africa

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  3. 3048
    Amandla Xoki

    Through your music you still livinng with us.

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  4. 3047
    Pedro Neto

    Great Artist! I first heard your music & lyrics in1995 and they’ve been a great influence for me since then. RIP. A big fan, from Brazil.

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  5. 3046
    Pedro Peixoto

    Your lyrics, rhymes impressed me since i heard you for the first time. Im just 22 and im from Portugal so the unique information that i’ve from you are your songs published in the net. almost 5 years since you died and your music is timeless. One of the best Mc’s ever no doubts! You are one of the Hip Hop fathers!

    Big Up from Portugal

    R.I.P. Keith

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  6. 3045

    above the clouds where the sounds are original
    Infinite skills create miracles
    Warrior spiritual, above the clouds raining down
    Holding it down

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  7. 3044

    You are one of the greatest gifts to mankind; especially music & helping to keep the world positive. You made my childhood soundtrack. Thank You.

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  8. 3043
    Auden Woodall

    Guru, my brother my idol, you hve given ne hope and passion in lif, your music with prem an pur creativity with the mic and the way your lyrics pass yhrew my brain and inspire is amazing you a true nigga brough rap to a new veiw for me, when i pas threw the holy gates ill see you g, nameste

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  9. 3042

    Guru we gonna miss you for ever. But now you are above the clouds :)

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  10. 3041

    Guru, you and DJ Premier are the ones that introduced me to real hip hop and made me fall in love with it. Your poetic lyricism has touched, educated & inspired so many. I know you are physically gone, but your essence and soul will live on forever through your music and the people who you have influenced through your music. You have changed my life with your music thank you, god bless and Rest in Beats – Celena

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